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The 29 Most Commonly Asked Questions About All Types of Addiction…

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Books addressing alcohol, drug, sex and other addictions are quite common, in fact, there are 540 products that come up as a result of an Amazon search. There are very few books that approach how to get into recovery and deal with the disease of addiction.

What’s missing is a book that takes the addict and those working with addict by the hand and walks them step by step through the process of recovery, through the questions being asked of them by others and questions they ask themselves. What’s needed is a book that provides the solutions to the problems that plague the addict the day they discover they have an addiction and they seek help…That book is now available.

12 Steps Revealed: Questions. The 29 Most Commonly Asked Questions About All Types of Addiction is the first in the 12 Steps Revealed series. This series goes beyond 12 step recovery. It’s goal, says authors Indian Bob and Scott Vogel, is to help addicts, the family, friends  and those dealing with addicts or anyone suffering or struggling with the disease of addiction,  get from day one of recovery to a stable place in recovery.

In the beginning of recovery, many questions are asked by the addict and of the addict…For most, the answers are not readily available as recovery is totally new. This book discusses those questions as well as different paths to recovery, the 12 step approach, and other aspects of life in recovery,

This series gives people suffering from all types of addiction, a guide through the recovery process by two men who have the experience, strength and hope to share. The series starts with the most commonly asked questions by someone who realizes they, or someone they know, has a problem.

This series is written by two recovering addicts. Indian Bob has been in recovery from drugs and alcohol since 2002. He is the host of a radio program on addiction called Recovery Radio Raw which deals with 12 step recovery from all addictions and the reoccurring mental health conditions that accompany addiction. Scott Vogel has been in recovery from sex addiction since 1993. He is the founder of OnSexAddiction, which has the leading Youtube channel on the internet for recovery from sex addiction. He is a speaker and author on the topic.

The writing of this series came about as a result of Bob’s radio show, Recovery Radio Raw. Bob was doing a series on sex addiction when a friend got him in touch with Scott. The two discussed a series of topics over the course of many shows, all unscripted, and all very honestly approached. As they shared their stories, trials, failures and successes they realized that there are a lot of people struggling with this thing called addiction. And while there may be many 12 step groups, available therapists and literature all around these people, taking those initial steps while lost in the shame and guilt, and maybe health crises, caused by addiction, these people may not be able to find their way out.

And so the series was born. Using the transcripts from the shows Bob and Scott began to create a series designed to take the hand of one who is struggling and show them the way to and through recovery from addiction – no matter what the addiction is.

12 Steps Revealed: Questions. The 29 Most Commonly Asked Questions About All Types of Addiction goes on sale August 26, 2013 on  this site and on Amazon Kindle

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