Indian_Bob_12_Steps_Revealed_PicIndian Bob, the host of Recovery Radio Raw, has been in 12 Step Recovery since February of 2002 and has been involved with 12 Step Recovery Radio Shows since September of 2006. In addition to being featured on radio stations across the country as well as Internet Radio, Indian Bob was Co-Host of Recovery Radio Live which aired across the U.S. and also on Cable Radio Network. He was the host of RecoveryHD, before initiating production of Recovery Radio Raw, which is now his primary focus.

Recovery Radio Raw is a Syndicated 12 Step Recovery Talk Radio Show focusing on Addictions from Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Sex and many other forms of Addictions and Disorders. Indian Bob knows whereof he speaks as he has a history of Alcohol and Drug abuse dating back to the mid-1970′s, resulting in his spending time in Institutions, Jails and Prisons as a result of his Alcoholism and Drug Addiction. Since his recovery started in 2002, Indian Bob’s desire has been to give back what was so freely given to him. This is what drives him to provide a service to others. As he speaks in institutions and prisons, Indian Bob carries a message of experience, strength and hope to those suffering from the disease of addiction. His main goal is to get The Message of 12 Step Recovery to as many people as possible through Recovery Radio Raw.

 Indian Bob is also a published author and a National Certified Interventionist with a Doctorate of Divinity Degree.


Scott L. Vogel is a grateful, loving, nurturing, giving, humble servant of God who had struggled with sex addiction for over 35 years but has been in recovery from his addiction for 20 years, since 1993. His sex addiction led to his arrest and incarceration when he hit bottom. That was when he decided to change his life and help others. Scott is an author and speaker on the topics of recovery from addiction.

Scott is the founder of a brand featured on his website:, YouTube, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, iTunes, Squidoo, Ezine Articles

Scott inspires those seeking to recover from unwanted, obsessive and compulsive sexual behaviors, as well as consulting with professionals, clergy and social workers who are helping those struggling with sex addiction and related challenges.

Before Scott’s commitment to Recovery from Sex Addiction and helping individuals and professionals in all areas of recovery from sex addiction, he had spent many years perfecting his skills and techniques as a seminar leader, keynote speaker, workshop leader in the business world and gained a reputation as an educational, motivational and inspiring speaker.

Scott spent years honing his skills with coaches in public speaking, acting, humor, marketing, spirituality and presentation techniques to tailor his messages to audiences around the world. Incorporating his years of professional speaking, training, and consulting with his recovery since 1993, Scott delivers to his readers and audiences a myriad of tools, techniques and strategies that are easily implemented.




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