National Recovery Month is in its 24th year!

shutterstock_929556This year marks the 24th year of National Recovery Month! Many people in society probably wonder why we need a month to celebrate recovery. The answer is simple, RECOVERY IS A BIG DEAL! 

Addiction has touched the lives of almost every citizen of this country. And I don’t necessarily mean drug or alcohol addiction – though these two are highly prevalent. I am talking about food and eating addictions, gambling addictions, love, sex, pornography, Internet, or technology addictions as well. Even if you haven’t been affected, someone in your family or close to you has.

Addiction is becoming more widespread, but it’s not being talked about as much as it should. There is still such a sense of shame wrapped up in individual addiction, and the public still has this sense of “It’s personal, we don’t talk about these things”.

These two ways of thinking continue to fuel the addiction cycle. But Nation Recovery Month is about celebrating those that are trying to break that cycle. It is about celebrating and sharing individual recovery stories, successes, failures, and what has been learned. It is about embracing the professionals that help those in need and research this disease – what causes it, what it does, how to stop it. It is about honoring those that live with, love, and help addicts through recovery and beyond.

Recovery Month is a big deal because it reaches out to those that are still active in their addiction and shows them others who have made it out and continue to live a good healthy life in recovery from addiction. It gives a reason for more events to be held, more meetings to take place, more information to circulate so more addicts, or their loved ones, can be reached and shown the way out.

This month take a look in your area for Recovery Month events. See how you can become a part of the change by helping out, starting, attending an event, or circulating information. Addiction affects us all somehow; either on a personal or societal level – so help make a difference.

For more information on National Recovery Month visit the official site

If you are looking to start your journey of recovery, let us help you get started here with 12 Steps Revealed: 29 Most Commonly Asked Questions About All Types of Addiction

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