Share Your Story in Celebration of National Recovery Month!

shutterstock_46325083One of the major points of National Recovery Month is sharing. Sharing stories of recovery; successes and failures of individual journeys; stories of bottoms, slips, and relapses; stories of treatments, forgiveness and hope; all of these things help others in their own journeys of recovery, and they help outsiders see what addiction and recovery are.

This month we want to join in the sharing. We want to be part of the momentum to shine light on addiction recovery, take away the nature of hiding recovery, and bring information to those that are seeking help or understanding.

We started this by releasing our new book 12 Steps Revealed: Questions The 29 most commonly asked questions about all types of addiction (link), and we want to continue it by sharing with and informing others.

Let us know what you are doing in your recovery. What have you done that makes you feel good, helps you stay on track, make this recovery thing easier? It doesn’t matter how small the thing is – as we all know it is the small things that get us through, that make us successful. We want to hear about it.

Post in the comments section below.

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However you want to tell us about your story, your way of getting through recovery, let us know!

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